Other Diversity Trainings

We provide any length of training from 60 minutes to a full day.  Our recommendation for a one-time training is 2-3 hours. Below are some of the topics that we have developed for other clients. We can work with you to develop the training that best fits your needs.

Topics we can cover include…

Navigating Difficult Conversations

This training unpacks how to have difficult conversations about racism, sexism, ableism, homo/bi/trans/ace phobias, etc.  We look at the unconscious biases that interrupt effective cross-cultural conversations between employees of different races, genders, sexualities, and ability statuses.  Finally, we address strategies for having better conversations.


Creating an Inclusive Workplace: Unpacking Privilege and Unconscious Bias

This workshop examines how to recognize privilege and how it works to the advantage of some employees over others, disrupting the goal of an inclusive workplace.  We also examine the role unconscious bias plays in keeping the workplace from being truly welcoming to all employees.

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

This training explores strategies to make a classroom truly inclusive of all students, from curriculum to attendance policies, first day practices, and pronoun usage.  We can modify the training for all levels: K-12 and college teaching.

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