Specialized LGBTQ+ Training


We provide any length of training from 60 minutes to a full day.  Our recommendation for a one-time training is 2-3 hours. Below are some of the topics that we have developed for other clients. Any of the topics from our Introductory Trainings can be included in a specialized training.

Topics we can cover include…

Mental Health Outcomes for LGBTQ+ Adolescents

This module explores the challenges many LGBTQ+ youth experience in the two places they spend most of their time: their home and their school. Results from both the Family Acceptance Project and GLSEN’s National School Climate Survey show barriers leading to mental distress and best practices to address such barriers. Additionally, the growing use of Conversion Therapy and the severe harm it causes will be addressed.

Developmental Models

Understanding LGBTQ+ people means gaining knowledge about their journey to accepting themselves, sharing their identity with others, and becoming comfortable in who they are. This developmental process can help those who work with LGBTQ+ people of any age to conceptualize their concerns and where they are in their own development.  This module will present sequential and stage modules.  It will explore the different challenges and pathways experienced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people and present a more comprehensive conceptual identity development model based on nonsequential tasks developed by the facilitators.

Best Practices for Working with the LGBTQ+ Community

Many people wonder how they can best be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and serve its members in their professional roles. This module will provide tips and tricks for being an effective ally as well as considerations for creating change in your workplace and community.

Specialized Trainings we offer . . . 

Advanced Training focused on the Trans and Nonbinary Community (90-minutes)

  • Transition Steps: Social, Physical, Emotional, Legal
    • Hormones/hormone blocking
    • Surgeries
    • names/pronouns
    • Passing/Stealth
  • Pronoun exercise
  • Discrimination/Bias- statistics
  • Role Play/Discussion
  • Q & A

Advanced Training focused on Allyship to the LGBTQ+ Community (90 minutes)

  • Levels of Being an Ally
  • Focus on Language in Forms and Policies
  • Resources and Support for LGBTQ+ People
  • Advocacy in the Moment- Responding to Microaggressions
  • Getting Involved on a Broader Scale (Company, Community, State, Nation)

HR Training: Creating an Inclusive Workplace for LGBTQ+ Employees- 60 min training

  • Builds off of  Introductory LGBTQ+ Training (or we add in 60 minutes for terminology)

    • Gender Identity and Expression and the Law (Federal protections/State protections)
    • Workplace statistics
    • Best practices

Examples of Other Specific Trainings We Have Presented

  • LGBTQ+ Mental Health Trainings for Counselors, including ones specific to working with Trans and Nonbinary Clients (e.g. supporting transition steps)
  • LGBTQ+ Health Services: Transgender and Nonconforming Affirming Health Care and Cultural Competencies
  • LGBTQ+ Individuals in Corrections
  • Serving Trans and Nonbinary Students in Grades 6-12

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