Introductory LGBTQ+ Training

We recommend our standard 3-hour introductory training, but we can provide any length of training from 60-180 minutes.  If you are looking for an all-day training, we suggest you consider our specialized trainings. If you would like to build your own introductory training, you can choose from the topics below or work with us to customize what you need. Remember to include 15 minutes for introductions and a Q & A.

Topics we cover in our standard introductory training:

Terms and Concepts: Gender, Sex, Sexuality, and LGBTQIA+ Identities

Have you always wondered what the difference between being bisexual and pansexual is, how asexuality differs from celibacy, or why gender is different from sex? This module will answer your questions and provide you with knowledge about sexuality and gender identities to help you successfully communicate with the LGBTQ+ community.

The Journey to Effective Allyship

This module explores the journey that many people embark on when they ally with the LGBTQ+ community. It explores the several levels of the journey from self-awareness and education to becoming an ally on an interpersonal level and finally on a public level.

Responding to Bias toward the LGBTQ+ Community

 In this module, we will provide a set of scenarios focused on different microaggressions experienced by the LGBTQ+ community and individuals.  Through role play and discussion, we explore effective ways of addressing these consciously and unconsciously  biased-motivated microaggressions.

Coming Out Stars

This interactive module takes participants through an empathy exercise that presents four different journeys that LGBTQ+ people often go through as they navigate coming out.  We will explore common experiences of the coming out process and identify the dangers of outing someone. We will conclude by processing the exercise to see how it impacts participants and applies to the LGBTQ+ community.

Note: This module has often been assessed as the most impactful experience we offer, but it can be emotionally challenging to people in the community or to those who have loved ones in the community. Participants may individually choose to not engage in the activity or to engage at the level they feel comfortable.

Other Topics that can be included in a customized introductory training:

Fun with Pronouns:

Many people shy away from learning how to use, pronounce, ask about, and understand the growing number of gender neutral/gender inclusive pronouns that many people in the trans and nonbinary community are using today.  Even those who want to try feel silenced by their fear of getting it wrong and being judged. This module will demystify pronouns, offer supportive ways to become more proficient in their use, suggest best practices for learning others’ pronouns, and provide the opportunity to practice unfamiliar pronouns.

Best Practices for Working with the LGBTQ+ Community

Many people wonder how they can best be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community and serve its members in their professional roles. This module will provide tips and tricks for being an effective ally as well as considerations for creating change in your workplace, school, or community.

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