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Learning how to use inclusive singular pronouns can be both fun as well as challenging.  We invite you to relax on our Pronouns Patio and use our resources to help you on your journey. 

Below you will find some of the inclusive pronouns that people are using today.

Many people ask us how to pronounce these pronouns, so we have created several videos to introduce you to a few of the more common pronouns.

Zie or Ze/Zir/Zirs

I am going to share how to pronounce and use zie or ze/zir/zirs 

My friend Harper came over to help me plant a native plant garden.  Ze has zir M.A. in forestry and has landscaped zir whole yard with native plants.  So all the new plants we were planting were originally zirs.  Ze had created a plan of full-sun plants using zir favorite combination of colors: yellow, purple, orange, and blue. Many back-breaking hours later, we celebrated our accomplishment, and ze went home.

Zie or Ze/Hir/Hirs

I am going to share how to pronounce and use zie or ze/hir/hirs 

My friend Amari works in a local bookstore.  Ze has a degree in English and wishes hir degree was in business as hir dream is to open a bookstore that is all hirs.  Hir vision is for the bookstore to offer a variety of books from many different cultures and to create an environment where ze and hir friends can be their complete selves.  Ze knows ze will have to leave hir small hometown and move to San Diego to realize hir dream.  Double-win as ze loves the sun.


I am going to share how to pronounce and use xe/xem/xyrs 

My nibling Ryder just came out as nonbinary. Xe has shared that xe will be using xe/xem/xyrs pronouns.  Xyr family has been supportive so far; however, xyr grandmother has messed up when referring to xem a couple of times.  But xe knows that she loves xem and will get it in time.


I am going to share how to pronounce and use fae/faer/faers (Amney)

My neighbor  has chosen a new name for faerself as faer deadname does not fit faer gender.  It’s Desta, and fae chose it because it means “full of pleasure” and its African origin is part of faer African American heritage. This name fits faer well: from the smile of pleasure that lit faer face when fae first heard it to the joy fae brings to all of our neighborhood.  It is truly faers. 



I am going to share how to pronounce and use ey/em/eirs pronouns.  

My friend Morgan is internet dating.  Ey has found it be really difficult because every time ey logs in to eir account, ey finds there are unwanted messages from unsavory suitors. This unfortunate development has caused em to want to delete eir account. But luckily, right before ey hit delete, a message came through from a very interesting new person.  He asked if they should meet at his house or eirs


I am going to share how to pronounce and use ve/ver/vis. 

My friend Emerson came over because ve was having intrusive pop-up ads on vis computer. Ve had reached out to the IT department at vis workplace, but they never got back to ver.  I suggested ve try TotalAV for vis MacBook pro.  Ve did and now vis computer is working properly.

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