Introductory LGBTQ+ Training

We have several options for introductory LGBTQ+ Trainings.  We have a standard, 3-hour safe training or we can provide smaller trainings that focus on specific areas, such as terminology, pronouns, coming out, transitioning, responding to bias incidents or microaggressions, etc.  You can let us know what your organization needs, and we will build the training that is right for you.

Specialized LGBTQ+ Training

Many organizations have needs specific to what they do.  We are happy to build a training that fits your needs.  Some examples of topics we have addressed in the past are LGBTQ+ people in Corrections, LGBTQ+ people in the workplace, LGBTQ+ children/adolescents (which are often specific to K-12 environments), trans and nonbinary best practices, intersectionality/diversity within the LGBTQ+ community, LGBTQ+ mental health, LGBTQ+ healthcare needs, etc.  These are just some examples. We are happy to create the training that is right for you!

Other Diversity Trainings

We offer several other diversity trainings as well.  Some examples of topics we have addressed in the past are navigating difficult conversations; creating an inclusive, diverse workplace; and highlighting best practices in diversity.

Other Services Offered

Consulting Work

We are here to help you in any type of work you are doing to make your company, school district, or organization more inclusive.  We can consult on best practices for inclusive policies, in-take forms, housing, curriculum, programs, and the development of your company’s own SAFE training.

Informational Documents on LGBTQ+ Topics

We are also happy to write short pieces for your newletters or websites on LGBTQ+ topics.

Approach & Values

Somewhere Over the Moon Trainings is dedicated to improving the equity, diversity, and inclusivity of businesses, school systems, and nonprofit organizations.  We focus on educating about the LGBTQ+ community and teach best practices for making your space truly inclusive of LGBTQ+ employees, students, and clients. We also address larger questions of diversity and inclusion.  Our purpose is to create an open learning environment where all questions are respected and a community of learners is built.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) is an integral part of our values and mission. Together we affirm that every person has the opportunity to reach their full potential. We are committed to creating and cultivating a safe environment where all individuals feel respected and valued equally. Amney mirrored this in a safe and judgement-free training where our staff was able to ask questions and learn. The experience of the simulation that Amney walked us through has allowed us to have deeper empathy which in turn has allowed us to be a better support for the people we serve.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Wisconsin

We are extremely grateful for the time Liz and Amney spent with us. Our training session was unorthodox, but Liz and Amney were flexible about prioritizing our concerns and guiding our thinking towards solutions that best support the youth we serve and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Of all the DEI trainings we have completed, our organization most often looks to this one for guidance. We would readily recommend it to any individual, team, or organization looking to improve their support and forwarding of equitable values.

The Brigade, Neenah, WI

Perhaps what I was most appreciative of was the absolutely judgment-free, safe space we were given to explore our thoughts and ask open, honest questions within. This was an absolutely phenomenal chance for the folks in our district who tend to work most closely with our LGBTQIA+ students to deep-dive into those basic principles of having respect, empathy, and understanding for all people, specifically this population of individuals. The training not only helped us better-understand ourselves and our own journeys, but it ultimately helped foster an opportunity for us to better-navigate the diverse world we live within, so we can serve those we work with from a place of compassion and inclusivity.

Emmy Jess, Director of Pupil Services, Ripon Middle School

Liz and Amney are so warm and responsive in coordinating trainings and truly walk the walk of creating a safe, inclusive learning environment that builds knowledge, deepens empathy, and elevates a call to action with ideas about how to show up as an active ally. Our staff use words like “powerful” and “impactful” when describing training sessions with Liz and Amney. “I felt so supported and seen in the room.” – Training participant “I will take this into my everyday life in hopes to be a better ally.” – Training participant

Carlyn Andrew, Senior Director of Counseling and Training, Boys and Girls Clubs of the Fox Valley

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